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Union Tube & Transistor is based in East Vancouver, BC Canada. 

We strive for best practices in our building of musical equipment, pursuing ease of use in durable, repairable products.

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The GBX-95 is a resurrection of the Systematic Sound guitar splitter.

A transparent low-noise audio chain is attained with:

  • custom studio-grade OP transformers
  • no coupling capacitors in signal path
  • 1% metal film resistors and high-quality components
  • low-noise amplifier, high-speed, precision design, with a high-current OP for driving multiple capacitive loads
  • custom toroidal power transformer for zero hum
  • linear, non-switching power supply, so no ultrasonic noise on the OP


  • 1 in, 6 out
  • on-off and phase switch for each OP channel
  • IP mute switch
  • unity gain
  • IP impedance: 1MΩ
  • OP impedance: 100Ω
  • noise figure Rs=10KΩ: 1.3dB
  • noise figure Rs=5KΩ: 1.9dB


  • can drive up to six amps with no loading of the guitar and no ground hum
  • can drive long cables with no treble loss

Application/Studio use:

  • quickly audition amps to see what sounds good
  • layering of sounds with multiple amps


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